Muddy Monday

First thing the boys did this morning was run out side to see what kind of treasure last night’s storm left…

and let me just say they were not disappointed

i love the serious looks on their faces.

while the boys were up to their elbows in heavenly mud the Monk was inside just being beautiful… I love capturing moments when I’m convinced what I’m looking at can not be real, but a figment of my imagination. A real angel sitting at my table how can this be?

I thank the mud for starting the day off right, today was a very peaceful day. I would be lying if I said I was not more grateful then words for a good day. everyone played together nicely and that lead to lots of projects. the nicer they are to each other the more patience I have. Surprise surprise!

I made giant flowers for the kids room (which I’m in the process of redoing…)

 anyone know a place to get a good deal on bunk beds? the one hitch that outs IKEA is they have to be able to withstand my boys… they are not easy on furniture.

anyway you can see what they were suppose to look like here

absolutely beautiful!

Mine turned out mmmmmkay…

Norah was impressed… and you can see how HUGE they are

lots of painting, play doe, tinker toys and just all out make believe!

RT spent a good 3 hours today sporting some awesome snow gear passed down from his cousin. it’s every bit of  a 105 out side, our AC is set for 82. and yes i agree 82 is still hot BUT it’s a 20 degree difference

and just in case your not smiling yet I will  leave you with one last picture of the bear… and yes she picked out her own clothes… one less thing for me to do… have a good night


the weekend…

I sat down to write last night and real life interrupted… go figure

one brother pinched the other brother, that brother punched back, both were sent to bed.  no one likes to be punished, especially when it means going to bed early. then there was a crying followed by “I’m scared of monsters”

needless to say i couldn’t find any words to share.


a little photo show of the weekend… pretty random

caught in the act!

wii, the bear is 100% convinced she can do EVERYTHING the big’s do. she doesn’t want her trike, she wants training wheels. reminds me  of another very independent child of mine.

Saturday we took a break and went to grandma and grandpa’s…

Boo isn’t convinced …  what you can’t tell from the picture is that grandpa is running, not walking , but running! the two big’s LOVED it

then a storm came roll’in so we took the party inside to dance…

day trip holla!

after the bear woke up from her morning nap we packed up the tribe and took them North!

it has been ridiculously hot here, just like everywhere in the US from what I’m hearing…  so we thought it would be nice to go for a little day trip up to Humphrey’s Peak. It was beautiful! it started raining as we pulled into Flagstaff and the temp. dropped down to 67!  67! what?! and just like that all was good in the world!

no but seriously that’s a 40 degree difference in less then 2 hrs. of driving… dig it!

the ride up was fairly smooth, minimal fighting, a few snacks, only one pit stop. even the bear get to business during our pit stop, could a mama ask for anything more?

it was great we hiked a bit, saw a horney toad ( not so easy to spot in the desert), and a blue jay, the temp was great (have a mentioned that?), the cloud cover made for perfect picture taking. what an awesome day. except i forgot the disk for the camera…. booo!

but that’s right it’s 2012 and my smart phone was like, ” girl… you know i got yo back, shoot!”

literally… so the day was captured!

the ride down the hill was terrible, everyone was tired, and hungry for anything I didn’t bring, the sun was in their eyes, and they had to pee or at least claimed as much every 3 miles. I know they are just board, and that claiming a bathroom emergency is the fail safe way to get the car stopped but come on if they would just hold it for 30 minutes we’d be home!

I would like to think these little trips are building lasting memories, but i often wonder if they will only remember me saying “oh please just chill out and enjoy the ride!”

in that case i guess we are building character… good enough.

he was thrilled to be out of the car, me too my man, me too!

the monk is proof positive that you can be out doorsey and still be pretty. she has been hiking in dresses since she could walk

yes mom i really did let them run that far ahead! not out usual style but wide open spaces call for new rules…

look “I’m camouflaged!” really we thought it was just as cool as he did.

serious beauty. boo informed us he likes going places that are beautiful out his window! awww!

all fallen logs are magnets to children, just one of those things, i guess. can you see the expression RT is wearing? “i’m not gonna push my brother, ok? i’m just gonna run up behind him on this log and see how things turn out” and the little brother “now RT I’ll jump if you get close just give me a head start.”and the monk “brother’s give me space i need to dance and sing a little song while i’m up here”

and then the bear with her little self… “how’d you get up there?! tell me quick mama’s coming!”

and she was right, i was. it was time to get back on the road.

DQ something special

it’s been a rough few days around the casa…

a lot of this and that, enough to drive a family coo-coo, i feel like there has been a lot of time outs, yelling, jumping, and non-stop bear screaming because apparently she is off sleeping. which by the way is the my numero uno trigger! mamma goes batty when the kids don’t sleep. We are a schedule type of crew over here, the kids know what to expect and when to expect it. bed time is not a battle, nor is dinner, baths, or really anything. Because the things we do daily we do at the same time in the same order. some might think…. girl, your crazy!

but i tell you our schedule has made life with 4 kids (3 being 14 months apart) a whole lot easier.


for lack of better words it f’s up my schedule and makes me nuts.

so…………. how to embrace it?

let the bear run a muk for a while…

nope still screams when I put her in bed.

lay down and read her a book…


let her read her own book… she’s half Marshall, maybe she just needs some space… i can dig that.

she looks pretty chill doesn’t she? all laid back wearing the one sock. fooled again! she was still not going to go down with out a fight! now wait you may be thinking where are the other 3 lovely children during all this quality time… well one is sitting in HIS room looking at books because HE lost the movie when HE jumped on HIS older brother and sister for the 700th time. the other two where watching a movie and board out their gourds but have been around long enough to know a movie is better than taking their chances with asking for anything when the baby is screaming. so again I say what to do…

what else… GIVE IN!

D-love and I packed them up in the car and took’um to DQ (dairy queen, for anyone that is no in the know).

ice cream has become my cure for a bad day… its cheap, simple, and never goes out of style.

so did she go to sleep? you ask with a smile already knowing the answer… no she still put up a fight but my patience level was up to par so i could handle it now. i followed some of the very first advise i ever got as a mom and so I’ll share it will you.

when your kid(s) is making you crazy and won’t stop crying, screaming, what have you. and you have already tried everything you know to do. put them in their crib ( or room) where you know they are safe shut the door and walk away for a few minutes, turn the shower on if you need to drown out the noise. give your self and them a moment then try again.

this method has never failed me, 9 times out of 10 they have fallen asleep or calmed down by the time i get out of the shower.

so yea… it’s rough sometimes but there is a silver lining; it’s not personal. you love them and they know it. and eventually they will fall asleep

the big’s requested another sleep over at grandma and grandpa’s house… and of course they obliged!

so that meant date night for d-love and I.. whooo hooo!

but in our typical fashion we changed our mind… decided to pick up some Berto’s and stay in for the night watching movies.

around 6 a storm rolled in and actually poured down rain, we’ve been getting teased for the last week. enormous beautiful black and gray  clouds cover the sky for about 45 minutes only to move in the direction of someone else’s back yard.

the storm was followed by a drizzle that lasted until we went to bed.

the only bummer was it was the first monsoon of the season for us and the big’s weren’t here to enjoy it. rainy days here are the best days ever, an entire back yard of mud to play with and its cool enough to be outside for a few hours. i’m sure the kiddos were having a blast just being at grandma’s but we had mud fest going on over here!

so i called up grandma to see how everyone was doing… “good”, she said “they just got done playing in the rain”


so we enjoyed a quiet rainy night with the wee little bear  and i didn’t have to cook, the kids got to play in the mud and i didn’t have to clean them up… perfect date night!

good old Friday

Happy Friday everybody, another wonderful week done and many more to follow. Funny thing about Fridays here is they really only mean 7 days of the same to follow, hahah… week days, week ends they all blur together. But today, today was different. I’m not quite sure what made this Friday such a stand out day, maybe it was because it was completely ordinary yet  unlike most days I was cool with that.

so for your viewing pleasures… the ordinary day

6am… not everybody was ready to begin, Boo took in some morning sun

first things first… build a boat

next go for a swim…

then breakfast, trip to costco, work book pages with dad…

built a pyramid!

lunch, naps for the weest…

take a few minutes to ponder the good things in life while indulging in some home made chocolate chips cookies

for this Delicious recipe  check out

they are truly a life changing cookie!

unless of course your 3, then you may opt for some awesome Scooby snacks… like boo ( gotta love the kid for keep’in it real)

some fun in the back yard with the ever sporty and active Fred

because the bears wee little boots are way too cute not to get a close up

soccer with dad

a spot of dinner and in case you were wondering the beautiful flowers were from boo, he  asked if we could get some for me at costco… yes sir little man you can always buy your mama flowers

side note and completely unrelated… the monk picked up a bridal magazine today to peruse while in the check outline… totally cute

pick out some books

pull up a seat on daddy for story time

a few good night kisses… then off to bed

Peace Out!

so no it wasn’t an extraordinary day, but it our day and it was good.

I wish you all an ordinary weekend!

costume party

everyday is a costume party around this casa

the best part about kids playing dress up is that you don’t even have to buy “dress up” clothes. kids will make up costumes using whatever they can find, the accessories  are so off the wall,  the monk wore a Mardi gras  necklace  with a clock/ carabiner attached  to it to the splash pad earlier this week and I couldn’t help but holla “Flava Flave!”

ridiculous yet beautiful and innocent. I love and admire they way they express themselves freely completly unaware that they are part of an extremely judgmental society and world.

for now they they their childhood shields

I hope i can strenthen their self esteem, confidence, perception of others, morals, self worth and on and on… as the grow so that they will carry their shields with them.

so wear those cow boy boots, high heels, hats, gloves, super hero capes, spaghetti colander helmet proudly I say…

 if it makes you feel good that is reason enough

that’s right… he’s rock’in his what-eva what-eva pj’s

even the bear joins in… lucky girl the big’s never leave her out

what kind of dragon doesn’t stop to play cars with his baby sis?

Yea i know mom i’m gonna make a bad ass bride someday

because a cape is appropriate  for every occasion… everyone know’s that

i should stop there… now that i’m smiling from ear to ear