God, The Universe (what ever your belief) handing you  a piece of  heaven

and saying here take care of this; love it, protect it, never harm or abandon it.

that’s all I ask of you…

what a gift.



so here we are at the third week of school and finally settling in to our new routine.

it’s 9 o’clock and only the girl kitten and I are awake.  the house is very calm and quiet. i don’t know why but  the house feels more peaceful when it’s full of sleeping kids then when they are just out of the house. I can’t remember the last time I was at home all by myself, that’s funny. I’m sure it has happened… then again maybe not? anyways…

so… I’ve worked out a new routine and so far so good. i took out Boo’s naps (not sure the dad agreed with this move but ehh? what are you gonna do?) basically the majority of the morning  the bear spends napping , allowing me time to clean up, work, do my home work, and get some one on one time with the Boo (if he’s interested). Dig that! then we do lunch, run errands, play time, try to clean up (try being the key word), then pick up the crew! I don’t quite look forward to this part of the day yet… it’s still over a hundred here and i have to stand outside and wait for the kiddos (however my awesome neighbors have made this part of my day 100x easier).  the bear takes another nap, i make dinner, kids play, homework starts when dad comes home (that way we can play man to man, if needed) dinner, tubs x4, movie maybe, books and BED! no big-d.

today felt like everything in life is rolling along smoothly… other days I’m truly asking myself “what is going on?!!” why does it have to be such a roller coaster? it’s maddening…it’s hard to find peace in the everyday routine. i get so board with the same mundane schedule that i just want to scream. then days like today i’m so thankful that everyone is on a routine i feel like i have total control.

i have become very aware over the last year how my own instability to sit still affects my kids. the dad however is MORE then aware of this and how it relates to our relationship and over the years we have figured out ways to accommodate  his desire to stay home and just relax and my desire to go dog go! which is awesome because you can be in love and married and live together and still don’t have to agree on everything and have everything in common.  Football season is a perfect example around our casa. i like football but don’t want to stay home just to watch a game, the dad does. so the dad does all the laundry on the weekends (wash/ dry/ fold/ repeat) and stays home. i don’t and it totally works.

back to how it affects the kids… wow this is winded.

the oldest two always want to go go go, they want to know what we are doing next and next after that. Not totally enjoying the present. and they get board easily. yea it might just be their personalities but i thing it has a lot to do with me. I always try to fill their days with fun and exciting things, however their best days are the ones where I just let them play. JUST LET THEM BE.

so now with just dos at home I am consciously trying not to fill their day or take them somewhere everyday. i’m trying to just let them be.

 as for me and my need to go go go… i’m better then i was. i try and go places with purpose and be in the moment (not so easy hahum the 100 + picture i take to go back and remind myself with). But i’m aware and that’s a start. besides I can thank D-love for  giving me four very good reasons to chill out and enjoy the place ( in life) I’m at.

Boo’s 4

the Boo turned four on Saturday! Woohoo!

our sweet little boy with the contagious smile couldn’t care less that Saturday was his birthday. he was just happy it was Saturday and his brother and sister weren’t going off to school.

fear not they got him excited … waking everyone up, shouting turned fighting, grabbing all his gift before we all made it down the stairs, ruining what few surprises we had in store… which unfortunately lead to VERY grouchy me!

not cool not fair… sorry they (the people under 4 ft. in the house) can make me NUTS sometimes. i felt bad that it was his big day and I was grouchy but overall it was a good day


we adopted twin kittens Friday, 4months old! Prudence and Zero the Hero Jingles. we/ HE is in love!

and best gift ever… a pirate ship pool! the kid has been asking for a pool for weeks, our last cheap pool didn’t last too long, and you may remember from a few post ago he was the kid sitting in the water table.

we also took them to Montezuma’s Castle. beautiful, amazing, awesome but not the Disney Land castle the kids were anticipating. not that we didn’t explain the  ENTIRE way there that it is and Indian ruin like the ones we saw last week. they were NULL impressed.

however the Ranger’s won them over with a paining project to celebrate the National Park’s 96th/ Boo’s 4th Birthday!

we should be able to view their art on the park website in a few weeks.. super cool!

then it was back to the casa… didn’t want to leave the twins alone too long on their second day.

had some mama and boy time waiting for Berto to make us diner, love that place!

 silly face!

RT being a boy (burping) and his little brother loving every minute of it!

and of course CAKE

ice cram cake for the boy who would be happy with anything or nothing!

Happy Birthday Boosker! we love you!













funny things

I was thinking of little things that make me laugh today. i apologize in advance if you don’t find them as funny but just in case it makes you smile too i thought I would share.

for instance the vacuum is in 90% of my pictures yet i’m positive i don’t have a clean floor. odd

my boys have been doing “courtesy flushes”   since they could use the potty.  and how boo hides his roo’s behind the vanity because he prefers to go commando and he thinks because the roos are hid in we haven’t noticed his little cheeks peeking out of the top of his pants. the dad enforces roo wearing on public outings apparently commando is frowned upon, who knew?

we saw a RAV4 when we were up at Walnut Canyon the other day, the hubs and i could help but stop and laugh that that was our G-ride when all these adventures started… so of course he posed for a quick picture. this one however has far better tinting then i remember ours having.

speaking of wee cars… we drove by a smart car the other day and the monk asked where the people go.

i love how my boys greet each other with a hug turned tackle at the school pick up gate, completely oblivious to the hundred or so people standing around them.

or how the monk will repeat the same line from a movie over and over if she heard me laugh.

 today  i had to laugh out loud when i looked out the window at the boys in the backyard. the kids had been home for about 20 minutes and RT had already ditched his clothes (t shirt and cut off carhartts, not a uniform) built a fort, and was covered in mud.

another “funny” really not so funny thing… I’m ready to change the casa a little, things are pretty much done so time to change them.  i have been looking at tons of pictures to get ideas and for the most part my house has the elements and colors that i like from the pictures EXCEPT one little detail.  our house if full of a ton of ugly primary colored toys! oh so that’s what’s throwing off the look I’m trying to achieve… well now i know!


pretty mild day around the casa…

I’m putting the little ones to work

i’m usually in such a rush and just want to get the cleaning done, but like that joke that goes’ cleaning while the kids are awake is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos. i was reminded what a JOKE it is to clean up. so when little hands reached out, i filled them. i mean really who cares, right? this made us both happy.

 the bear learned a new word today 18 months and 11 days old she now says NO

it was actually cool seeing the little light bulb above her head light up today when she made the connection between the word and its meaning. she was trying to get IN the cooler to which i said “Bear no” she looked right at me and said “no?” the bulb lite and i didn’t repeat it but it was too late she knew…

a quiet house

after the kids first week of school ( i find myself pronouncing it “shoowl” like Megamind) we decided to put RT in the full day program. it gave a big wa-pow to the pocket book BUT we think he will defiantly benefit from going longer and it will hopefully make the transition into first grade a whole lot easier. if I may vent for a brief moment on why full day kindergarten should NOT be cut in schools…

#1 how much can we expect a child to learn or a teacher to teach in 3 hours that include time for snack, library, and recess?

#2 the children then go from 3 hrs. of school to 7hrs. this is a bit drastic i think especially for kids that don’t attend day care or summer camps.

another good reason  parents that have their kids in day care should not feel bad about it… your just giving your kids a leg up on socializing in their up coming school futures.

sooo back to where i was going with this post…

the Monk and RT are in school all day and our casa is SO QUIET! like crazy, uneasy, not quite sure what i should be doing quiet. i never really realized just how loud and chaotic of a ship I run around here. but ahh what a relief to know it’s totally them not me ( ya right)

Boo has always been a play by himself kinda kiddo, so it hasn’t been a surprise that he is perfectly happy to play with his play doe alone at the table. i think i might be bothering him just saying Boo you good?  the bear is A LOT LESS… not busy but, into the things she shouldn’t be into if that makes any scene? when the biggest kids are out we can put away their stuff and the house is more toddler friendly.

it’s just another phase but it is strange how you feel they are such bebe’s then just as quick they are not. everyone and i mean everyone, even randoms on the street told me enjoy this they grow up so fast. i believed them but my gosh living it really is just crazy.

so here i sit writing and enjoying.

but very very soon like Thursday things are gonna get crazy again, my school starts. i’m really not feeling to positive about it in all honesty. going back to things people tell you like finish school BEFORE  having kids. not that i would change anything but yes it would have made a lot of thing a whole lot easier to have finished school before having our kids. i have been back in school for 3 years taking classes through ASU online, i have like most students this close to the finish line, lost all interest. my attention is on my family not what I am learning, it has been a challenge for me to accommodate any room in my restless mind.  but like i said i’m close and really at this point the main reason i am doing it now and not waiting longer is because it has been harder every year with the kids getting older and i do strongly believe a good education is a great and important asset.

so please understand if I skip a few days here and there. however i DO LOVE writing or blogging it just makes me happy.

phone puke

what kind of a title is that?

i had to clear all the photos off my phone so i thought i would post some of my favs. in other words phone photo puke…

get ready there are a few!

boo’s blank’s view (that sounds Dr. Seuss- ish) the other two bigs have stuffed animals or a doll but not the Boo, his best friend is a blanket a patient was kind enough to make for us when I was pregnant with RT. he speaks of said blank like it is a person not a thing and he loves it dearly. I wonder if she knew it would be so loved when she crochet it for us…

my regular view

sister love. I didn’t/ couldn’t understand how much my older sister loves me until i witnessed the monk’s love for her baby girl… then i got it.

 serious face for a serious win!

my plea for bunk beds… or maybe i should just put a California king  in there? hummm….

because i want to be big! she was “unhappy” because she wanted to ride the big bike and couldn’t get on it by herself. oy!


a boy with a box is a happy boy

or a boy with a cool place to sit on a hot afternoon. (mom please can we have a pool?!) sorry kids need to ALL learn to swim first then turn 25 and I’ll think about it.

this one i can’t wait to blow up and frame. the monk drew a few hair cut ideas she had in mind. each is so different i love her!

it was ridiculous i had takes over 300 pictures in the last um 2 weeks!

and they think i’m going to pay for school pictures tomorrow, but i will tell you the dad took some AMAZING pictures of the kids this weekend that i will be putting up soon. they really are beautiful so i just can’t bring myself to buy school pictures, and besides we didn’t hand any of the monk’s out last year they were so bad she was sick and looked so sad. who wants to remember that?!