yesterday was a bad day


it’s over.


today is a new day

and it has just begun.

I talked to my sister this morning who can in a matter of moments prop me back up on the hill I felt I was tumbling down.

i think as parents and people we feel like we are losing our footing sometimes. somedays I feel like I’m reaching out to loose ropes, I get so discouraged that I want to take the entire wall down with me.

but then when i open my heart back up there are all those strong hands reaching out to pull me over my hump.

how fortunate I am to have so many hands.


the day trip that wasn’t

well why not?

about 20 minutes from the driveway the belt came off the Tahoe… bummer!

four kids with lunch in hand (fewww!) thought it was all very exciting. No one even complained about being parked on the shoulder of the 17 for an hour. they were super troopers!

i know that something like that might stress a few people out, but the dad and I can usually find the silver lining. for instance the power steering went out on the up curves not the down, the weather was mind, the kids were eating, they could get out and pee, no one was hurt, and D-Love could fix the problem (if we had put the “car” tool box back in the Tahoe when we both saw it sitting in the garage).

Grandpa was only a phone call away and came to the rescue with said tool box!!!


so belt back on and go go go no no no

water pump bursts…. Booo!

Blast… had to get towed, but could have been worse we were only 29 miles (31 because you have to go up before you can go down)

from home.

before i could say hallabalooo… we were back home and the Monk and set up a campsite in the backyard to compensate for the one we missed.

love her!

the boys took turns helping the dad in the garage.

 Boo more of the supervising type..

RT on the other hand was not only looking for the cause of the problem but thought he would take a minute to see how the tahoe works as a whole (my guess is he will start building an engine in his room before he turns 12)

Sure any car repairs suck because of $$$, but how lucky am I that I married a guy that fix 97% of things that break and for the 3% he can’t he will still go through the trouble to figure out how he could next time.

so maybe not the day trip I had in mind but it all worked out

and for that


it still ended up being a day trip just not the one I had planed.

pumpkin patch’in

for as much as I complain about living in the desert, it is pretty cool that if we take the hill north 40 minutes we can find 65 degree fall weather. the kiddo’s had a half day to day so it was a perfect day to head to the pumpkin patch. i think this was all the pumpkins the farm had… all we could find were gourds.  Which is fine by me i prefer gourds, something about their odd little shape and gnarly warts just makes my heart flutter.

It was a beautiful warm sunny afternoon, and we had the entire patch to ourselves.

do you believe those trees? they remind me of a fairytale. I think if i watch them long enough they may just come alive, I imagine they would have a lot to say as most trees do.

the girl were hunting grasshoppers together while the boys were out scouting.

 look at this guy he’s huge!!!

(grandma look away!)

my monk is growing quickly out of her girly girl stage, much to my dismay. i’m obviously not an over the top girly girl but I loved how she just naturally was. I guess our children really are the best parts of us, at least I REALLY hope so. Pink dresses aside she is so amazingly beautiful. i hope she always has the confidence to be so original and if I could wish on every star in the sky  i would wish that she always sees herself through my eyes.

oh I’m just so head over heels for my little crew

Now as far as carving goes that will have to wait for Halloween eve (the smush pretty fast here).


good morning!

i just treated myself to a “little” bit o heaven in the form of a venti latte from Buckstar… i was in need of some extra umph to get my day going.

i’ve been in a bit of a funk the past few days… my mind has just felt scattered. but every time i step outside instantly my body relaxed and my mind would focus, my face loosened back into its regular smile and i felt myself again.

Amazing what some fresh air can do.

partly i think it’s because nothing on my to do list is out side.

treat yourself to something today

Happy Hump day!

get to and have to

Happy Saturday everyone, i hope your enjoying a cup of coffee somewhere beautiful right now.

i was thinking a lot yesterday about the difference between having to do something and getting to do something. I think what it really comes down to is our perception of the task we are doing. what spawned all this deep thought was how nicely the kiddos were playing together yesterday. It was a half day so the kids got to come home early, Boo was so excited that he got to play with his brother and sister. it was all in the way they approached the opportunity.

My day started out in RT’s class! Super fun I got to do a science experiment with the kiddos. Now not everybody will agree with me on this but i would take a room full of 5 year olds over a room full of adults any day. they were awesome, everything excites them. Children are so eager and honest about everything from dancing to coloring. a few hours of volunteering and my spirits were lifted for the entire day.

it was another i got to not a i have to moment.

 so back at home i made some gack for the kids (i did it wrong it was super sticky) which was awesome and kept them busy all day. but because the bear would have eaten it the kids begged me to keep her busy so they could freely play with their goo.

so i thought keeping with the days theme of get to 

we did easy toddler entertainment…

water and cups

simple sorting… theses are the things i use to do with the Monk then somewhere along the way I forgot all the obvious things…

How does that even happen? I felt so much more confident as a mom at the beginning, i seem to question myself more more as the kids get older. i didn’t expect that.


enjoy your day hope your coffee was good, the dad just poured me a cup so time to go.


boo set up some pins this afternoon and bowled. very creative I have to say using what we had to put it together

i love that Sundance and the bear are always right in the middle of the action

she’ll even lend a hand… I’m sure the fred would too (if he had thumbs)

and hey if you run out of balls… just throw your whole self at the pins!

And completely unrelated to bowling but starting right in front of me…

Cold dinner

I remember being pregnant with the Monk and the receptionist at the OB/GYN’s office asking me if I liked cold food. I think I said something like “yea, I’d eat ice cream for dinner…” ha not what she meant. she told me that i had better get use to cold food because no matter how on top of things I think I’m going to be


well i thought i had the system beat when when the dad and i would wait until the kids were soundly asleep and we ate at 9 pm. that plan didn’t work (apparently this crazy/ hungry/ straight up gang’sta  comes out when i get hungry) and we would still end up getting up to answer wee little cries…

now 6 years later i’m sitting here with a cold plate of food smiling

the truth behind it is as a parent you loss the will to be a picky eater…

it’s just takes too much effort. aside from a really great meal or when ANYONE else is cooking… food is fuel the faster it can be shoveled in a cleaned up the better.

at least for the time being that’s what i’m going to to keep telling myself

until that day when my dinner is warm from start to finish.

i’m feeling very claustrophobic today… get me out of the casa!

it’s a curse not having the ability to sit still. today there is just really nothing  to do. i think i have looked at the clock every 10 minutes for the last 3 hours. I feel very uneasy when my plate is not full.

if only i could take the kiddos out of school and drive to the ocean…

today would be a great beach day