the 2 second post

all the kids have the stomach flu!

ugg i should have bought more sheets!


Polar Express

Happy Sunday everyone, hope you are laying back enjoying the last day of the long holiday weekend.

our Thanksgiving was wonderful… great food and great company. I selfishly wish I could share it with EVERYONE I know and love, but that’s just too much to ask for. the dad and I are so fortunate to have such a helpful family, by the time the door closes all the dishes are done and  left overs packed up. All that’s left for us to do is tub the kids and put them to bed. the second part of the evening has become a loved tradition… grab a plate of food or soup put on a movie and relax… until Saturday

Grandma and Grandpa gave the kiddos their Christmas present early this year….

A ticket on the POLAR EXPRESS

magical is really the only word suitable to describe the event.

the entire town of Williams participates… the town is decked out for Christmas, all the homes are lit up with lights, the characters are completely in to their roles, everyone working makes you feel welcome, Christmas music is playing through out the station, and my very favorite part was that EVERYONE stopped to wave when the train passed by. i mean there were hands out car windows and shop doors… totally cool.

it was so much for all of us…

the bear was a handful but she’s wee so what could i expect. I won’t go on and on with details it was just like the book. so here are some of my favorite moments… Enjoy

    the Monk telling the dad if he’s gonna sing he had better use his good singing voice (serious stuff)

make yourself at home bear

the little stink face is so cute even the chef couldn’t resist picking her up to see the lights of the North Pole. RT was like that too he was such a handful but if someone looked his way he would bat his little lashes and sure enough they would pick him up or at the very least stop to talk with him… it’s still like that

here comes Santa!!!!!

listening to his bell jingle

Boo was there too we just could capture his face in ANY of the pictures… there was just to much to look at every time i clicked he turned to see something else.

there’s the little man…

RT asked asked on the car ride home if it was Christmas time in the City… Yes little brother it is!!!!!

almost time to gather round the table

I love Thanksgiving… some little girls imagine an amazing wedding me I always wanted to host Turkey Day

It has been my favorite holiday for years, i love good food and company so really it’s my match made in Heaven!

My family is kind enough to indulge my love and let me host the big day. Since we’ve had a house we have had Thanksgiving.

so as my last batch of apple hand pies are baking I’ll take a minute to recap the day.

the bear helped me make some brownies…

i love how her tongue is sticking out! then because Boo was watching a movie and RT and Monk were at school  she got the spoon. I thought it was her first but watching her work it like a pro i may need to have a talk with grandma

 that’s not the face of an amateur…

the bigs had a family picnic at school…

the Monk’s involved a small performance so I grabbed RT and we watched her do her thing

it was fun she did great. I finally got to meet her BE- FRI’s mom, the girls have been setting up a play date for the past few weeks exchanging a few numbers from their phone numbers. it was a relief for the mini Monk.

my favorite part of the day was this… ten seconds of getting to tell the monk how proud I am of her… then she ran off to join the brothers and friends

Happy almost thanksgiving everyone… see you Friday


Sorry no pictures today mostly because i would have to go look for my camera and I’m too tired…

today was a really good day I got to go with RT on a field trip to a farm. we picked some veggies, all of which the little man requested we save to share on Thanksgiving. What a sweet little man I have.

the Monk was happy to have the 5 minutes from the school gate to our front door of uninterrupted talk time.

the dad spent the day with the little ones and considering the bear is a full duty kid that is a feat in itself.

however a q-tip did come out of the tooth paste when the kids brushed their teeth tonight! in all fairness yesterday when they were alone with me all day the same little bear evacuated her diaper AGAIN and repainted her room AGAIN. I told her her room smells like daycare… she didn’t care. in fact she sang “happy to you”  .the itty is two hands full I tell you. i’m considering using tape to keep that pamper on. (not really) but seriously she can get out of a diaper, a onesie, the crib, her room, the baby gate, the back door, and on and on and on.

needless to say the dad and I will be RE- baby proofing tonight.

it’s on baby

everyone look at the camera

The Monk dressed up as Auntie Clause and RT was her royal guard… absolutely adorable. seemed liked a good time to take some pictures

but what I captured was much cuter…

it starts with Boo considering whacking his big bro

followed by contact!

and for the cherry on top…

he blames the little sister!

ha! awesome!

the park

yesterday we walked to the park…

when all 4 kids were home I would take them to the park once a day, sometimes twice just to get out of the house. yesterday was the first time in a while i said let’s go to the park to just the two little ones. i’m glad we went it was beautiful outside. it was nice to just sit and watch them play.

the Monk and I were riding in the car the other day listen to Robin Young on NPR interview a social psychologist about the effects of technology on relationships and today’s youth. what struck a cord with me was the bit about children viewing phones, computers, tablets, ect. as competition. she was saying how children are learning that they are not the center of their parents world at a young age because mom or dad is always “plugged in.”  it has made me really pay attention to how I interact with my children and technology. For example I will take my phone out to take pictures at the park but I’ve stopped texting or Facebook’in it. I’m there for them and I should be watching attentively. Anther thing she discussed was that children don’t see their parents reading books because they are reading their screens but young children don’t associate that with reading. So in vain i think i have been trying to show the kids that the kindle is a book. I don’t think they really care either way but I don’t know I think it’s important for then to know me and the dad are doing what we keep telling them is important.

I battle with trying to keep things simple and old school and accepting it’s almost 2013 and kids have to be savvy with technology. the best thing is probably a balance of both, the know how to use what’s out there and the appreciation of paper and pencil.

on another note: today

was great until I picked the big kids up from school. they have just been wearing on me the past few… a while

it’s a different form of testing. it’s like they just want to fight with us and with each other.  we don’t raise our voices the entire time they are at school then boom! i just need to figure it out so we can move forward. it’s just killing me though it starts first thing in morning with complaints about breakfast, putting shoes on, wearing a jacket. it is ALWAYS stupid little things, that normally i would be like who cares but because it has been nonstop I just want to cry. oh and to put a cherry on top the bear has decided that she no longer requires a crib or naps. the crib i can accept. the naps… FAT CHANCE little lady.

they are each doing one thing to stand out.. i can see that. and to a point I understand it too. there are four very individual little people all needing and wanting the attention of two people that are very tired. and as their parents it’s our job to give it to them and teach them how to be okay on their own.

so if anyone has figured this how please let me know how…