Sorry no pictures today mostly because i would have to go look for my camera and I’m too tired…

today was a really good day I got to go with RT on a field trip to a farm. we picked some veggies, all of which the little man requested we save to share on Thanksgiving. What a sweet little man I have.

the Monk was happy to have the 5 minutes from the school gate to our front door of uninterrupted talk time.

the dad spent the day with the little ones and considering the bear is a full duty kid that is a feat in itself.

however a q-tip did come out of the tooth paste when the kids brushed their teeth tonight! in all fairness yesterday when they were alone with me all day the same little bear evacuated her diaper AGAIN and repainted her room AGAIN. I told her her room smells like daycare… she didn’t care. in fact she sang “happy to you”  .the itty is two hands full I tell you. i’m considering using tape to keep that pamper on. (not really) but seriously she can get out of a diaper, a onesie, the crib, her room, the baby gate, the back door, and on and on and on.

needless to say the dad and I will be RE- baby proofing tonight.

it’s on baby


One thought on “today

  1. Sounds like Sarah!!! She would go to bed fully clothed and we’d find her naked in no time. Being naked in January in Ohio is not a good thing! Try putting her diaper on backwards! She won’t be able to undo it because she can’t pull the tape. I also cut the feet out of the zipper pj’;s and turned the pj’s around backwards too! Problem solved..Sarah stayed dressed because everything we put on her was put on backwards and she couldn’t reach it! If you don’t have the zipper pj’s, use safety pins and put the top to the bottoms. Good luck! Sarah did outgrow in just in time for Krista to start doing the same thing. Happy Thanksgiving. You and I have much to be thankful for!

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