Man Fred

I have a few moments to myself this morning. the bigs are out with the dad and the bear is napping, so i had some time to play with Sundance. for some reason every time  i put too much thought in to the Fred i get real teary. I’ve been thinking a lot about how much he has endured with us. the dad and I were talking last night about how many campfires he’s been privy to, and how he has been the one constant in our lives other then each other. My sister pointed out once that getting a dog with someone was a pretty big commitment. I hadn’t ever really thought about that. at the time i knew i was going to graduate and move out, i didn’t want to live in a dorm so i thought i would get a BIG dog to live with me. my friend growing up had a golden she was big and kind so that seemed like the way to go.  He’s always been OUR dog he just lived with me for a while…

he has been through so much… 5 houses (2 without yards, one of those didn’t even have a view for him) 11 hour days when we were working and going to school, 4 new babies, countless arguments, moves, road trips, camping trips, and hikes, many nights i forgot to feed him, a lot less walks, but thousands of hugs and pets. a few years with out a bath.

he is more then a dog to us he’s my security blanket. i reach for him when I’m tired, stressed, overwhelmed, and happy. i know that all i have to do is be still and he’ll come walking over. it has been a blessing and a gift to have him, someone that just listens even when no words are spoken.


Fire side

Yeah Fall!

Today fall is FINALLY in the air, I think the temp stayed below 80 even. It would be easy to say growing up in the mid-west has made me miss the seasons, and although that is very true I truly just long for cooler weather. well wish granted… today was a beautiful fall day.

a storm even rolled in and watered the garden, awesome!

After the dad picked up the kiddos and some diggity dogs we lit up the campfire. I love campfires; the smell, the sound, the look, the warmth, they just tantalize my scenes.

everyone was just sitting back and enjoying them selves, the bear in her helmet…

it really is getting out of hand this helmet wearing… just too much cuteness for us to handle

RT was running around pretending to be a Wild Kratz… after 15 minutes of the show he has become a number 1 fan… Thank you PBS!!!!! i think he is posing as a leopard (notice the cat tail)

 the monk was was also playing along she on the other hand was doing some serious investigating

there is such a difference between when the kids play together and when their just playing at the same time. when they play together all is well in me and the dad’s world

I mean just look at them, fills my heart i tell you

(look i was there too)

have a great weekend everyone!

the helmet

oh my gosh it’s Thursday already!  I can’t get a hold on time for some reason… this week has been especially tough.  the Monk was home sick for 3 days… croup boo! so far it hasn’t been passed around. i lysoled the house floor to ceiling after I dropped her off at school this morning, fingers crossed it won’t spread.

so the helmet…..

 we picked it up at target on Tuesday and she has been wearing it non-stop!  it’s killing me how ridiculously cute she is. she brings it to us says “please!” then keeps it on until we take it off for naps or tubs.

I don’t know it must fit perfectly because the girl loves it. and we love her so she can wear it as much as she wants…

Day trip… Milk Canyon

We went walk’in in the woods today…

D-Love and I have been going to Milk Canyon since we started dating, even before Sun pup was road tripp’in with us… when it was really just the two of us. Now our beloved Sun pup has to stay home because there just isn’t enough space anymore. I don’t know why this particular spot has so much meaning for us but it does… we wanted to get married there and now years later realise it really wouldn’t have been that difficult, we just would have had to make some different decisions.  we joke now that if we ever get married again we’ll do it here.

today we shared “our” spot with the kids, we’ve held out so long because as the name stated it is a canyon and if they were to venture too close to the edge it would not be a short tumble. Maybe we’ve calmed down or maybe we just have a better handle on things now. either way we were there all six of us together in this “our” favorite spot and it was good.

it is a very humbling place to stand, like when your toes are deep in the sand on the beach, or when you look up at the stars. It’s big and vast and standing before these giants I’m always gently reminded how small yet significant I am. to be part of something so massive makes me feel very whole.

  now whether or not my kiddos feel this I can’t say but it is obvious that they feel comfortable out here and for now that will do just fine.

the boys

and the girls

 we took rim road further than we had before and ended  up on 141H at a beautiful little spot. we were unloading the crew and when i turned around the bear had already made her self at home

the brothers thought she was “oh mama she’s so cute” that they couldn’t resist

everyone I love just walking around

and on a deeper note it is the month to celebrate all we are most thankful for and like most other days I most thankful for the love my best friend and I share, without it we wouldn’t have all that we hold most dear…

trick or treat

Awww aren’t they cute!

Halloween 2012

as always a super fun time trick or treating with all the cousins. their little legs take them further and further each year, this year was a record breaker. Last year i think we made it 2 blocks but 8th street was their goal and by jove they did it!

the picture are not so great my attention was elsewhere, sometimes its better to put the camera away and just enjoy…