can you believe tomorrow is Friday?

Weeks are flying by…

2 of my classes came to an end this week, so that’s awesome!  not the kind of writing i enjoy, papers on ridiculous advice books, but i’m done and only 14 weeks left!!!!!

this week has been very good lots of unplanned family time. I’m personally a fan of the pop in especially when it involves a cup of coffee and some good company.

tomorrow I’ll be sharing some conversation and a cup of joe with my brother and sister in law!


Bitter sweet I’m gonna miss my beating hearts and the dad


this was from crazy hair day


 making Valentine’s boxes


feeding the flowers… with bubbles


the bear easing in to her day…

have a good weekend everyone… I’ve gone fish’in


coffee and pictures


the kiddos spend Sunday with my folks doing all sorts of fun kids stuff being treated to all sorts of things that only grandparents can provide

when they came home they had toys, stickers, handcuffs, and full bellies.

I love grandparents!

the dad and I got a day alone together…

a few cups of coffee… a few hours taking pictures… and a nap


it was a great way to spend a Sunday


not my first rodeo

so here it is 11 o’clock i was getting ready to call it when the bear comes stumbling in and startles the bejesus out of me.

i pick her up and lay her back down telling her it’s time to rest. her sad puppy dog eyes looking back at me with a plea for “more juice” which is really milk. but either way… as i’m changing her diaper I’m telling her she needs to rest, she can’t have more milk, that i love her and I know what’s best.


but i’m saying them for me not her… I’ve been verbally reminding myself that she is not our first, that we’ve done this before and that we know what’s best.

i’m not sure if i’m getting older, wiser, or if I’m just too tired to take the same approach as we did with with the first 3.

the truth is the bear being 2 is very different from when any of the others were 2.

the others help us with her… that just wasn’t even fathomable when they were 2.

i know I’ve said this before but the longer I’m a parent the more I question my parenting… it’s really quite annoying.

that said… she has already stopped crying and gone back to sleep.

hike’in the McDowells

I love school days, don’t get me wrong but the weather has been so beautiful here that I’m really loving have the kids home to play.

Monday was a holiday… no school!

So we took the kiddos out to the McDowell’s for a wee hike.  It’s our easy peasy go to hike for when we don’t want to go to far, like when the bear hasn’t napped well, and RT has all the signs of a soon to ruin his next four days, cold coming on.

(which he has battling at full force this evening… asleep in bed with water bottle, hankie, motrin, and benadryl)


rest, water, and love we tell them. and soon you will feel better.

so the hike…

IMG_3783the bear was there too in her PJ’s that came from her cousin which she refused to take off. i covered her up on accident! boooo!

IMG_3774i think this one might just look like me… it took almost 7 years but well worth the wait!

the dad and i were sitting on the party-o yesterday afternoon when we realized we have had kids longer then we haven’t as a couple… wow how time flies…our stint in Tucson seems like a blip many many life times ago. i can hardly wrap my head around it.

IMG_3789and this.

this is good… all is good


I find the most inspiring things to be beautiful images

I become overwhelmed with gratitude when i see simplistic beauty…

Take a second and look around at all that sarounds you

a half eaten apple that nourished your child’s after school craving.

the untied shoe that lay perfectly at the bottom step.

the wooden spoon worn by innumerable strokes in sweet cake batter.

our everyday lives are abundant in what we need

on this day devoted to love, i hope you all find it by just simply looking around

book birthday party

 I promised pictures, right?

Mrs. Bear had a book worm party on Saturday… why books? Because my children have been blessed with family and friends near and far that give them so many toys I could fill a house. wait that HAVE FILLED a house. I’m a firm believer that children love used toys far more then new toys… they can tell it has been loved before and is thus better.  toys like kids clothes only fit for such a short time it is far better to share. Books are the same… a well loved book will provide comfort, adventure, and much loved quality time for a kiddo. I personally think children’s books are the best gifts to give or receive.


a few years ago my lovely neighbor and her kids brought over boxes ( no less than 4) of books they had out grown… our library had taken birth! my kids LOVE finding one of their names hand written on the inside flap of the pages they are about to embark on. it is though they are about to travel down a well worn road with the excitement and bravery that could only come from knowing a person they admire has already worn footprints in the dirt.

ahhh books….just love them

so the party…


I use the free printable invitations from  here

they looked like vintage library check out slips. One of our amazing guests glued it to the inside cover of the book she gave the bear. I love it THANK YOU!

For the decorations…

very inexpensive. i used an old book that was missing pages to make fans and paper chains.


the kids used some pages to make the table cloth.


Stacked up and set out some of our favorite books and wallllaaa decorated!

for the food: all super kid friendly

and dessert…. yummm


chocolate covered rice crispy treats

lemon sugar cookies


cinnamon blondies with butter cream

and a carrot cake


let me just tell you the carrot cake was a hit…


every kid loved it!


my nephew asked me if carrot cake is good for you.

ummmm….. no.

it was actually cool out so we got to have a fire

(notice the partio? the dad did that… the day before the party)


The bear LOVED all her books and puzzles  and her cousins.






 I just can’t say it enough… we are so so so fortunate to have the family we do. they love being around each other. they take care of each other. it’s really more then I could have ever imagined possible


I always wanted a big family…. and this, this is perfect! not to mention MY NIECE IS ON THE WAY!!!!!!! ERRRRR my my!  can’t hardly stand it!