Happy st.patty’s


Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone!


black and whites

the weather has been so beautiful the past few days it has just put us all in such cheery moods.

my post have been few a far between these last few weeks. the everyday events are taking up most of our time and that’s alright…

so here are some pictures of the pat few days, a little bit of everything


Auntie April gave the kids some perfect sized canvas the other day… just the right size for little hands




grandpa and grandma came over to rock out on the banjo over the weekend








I’m trying hard to forget summer is just around the corner and just enjoy spring. the garden has been getting lush, i didn’t know what to expect and I’ve been keeping my expectations low. it’s a learning experience, but isn’t everything?

I’m back

I feel like I haven’t written in ages and it’s only been a few days… busy times I guess, everyone seems busy.

spring is springing… and I just want to be out side soaking up the sun with a glass of ice tea. Lucky as I am I’ve been doing just that… among other things.


I got to spend the weekend in Colorado with great company…


lots of laughter


incredible scenery

many many many moments of sheer happiness


and Delicious food. can i just take a minute and tell you about some of the amazing flavors my pallet was fortunate enough to enjoy…

Georgia Boy’s BBQ- best slaw and sweet potato pie ever

Washington oysters- it was my first time… yummo

brie with raspberry chutney – seriously i had no idea… amazing

squash ravioli with prosciutto, pine nuts and brown butter- from scratch Ms. Jessica

and finally…in case your not already salivating

beer battered deep fried crab stuffed avocado with a sweet mango/ pepper salsa!

redonkulous goodness!

so yea it was a great 3 days and a hundred thanks to the dad and my folks for watching, entertaining, feeding, bathing, and loving the kiddos while i was gone.

knowing with out a doubt everything was good at home enabled me to relax and savor every moment of my time away.

i brought a really REAL soldier helmet home  for RT. funny story i had it in my back pack and it turned up in neon colors on the security x-ray i thought it would so when the gal looked up i said “hi it’s mine”. she could have cared less that i had a 5 pound steel helmet in my bag it was the 4 oz jar of raspberry chutney that was confiscated!what?

back to the helmet, for the first time in our 5 and 1/2 years together the kid had nothing to add after receiving said gift. it met all of his qualifications: cool, real (as in not a toy) indestructible, belonged to a soldier, and he is the only one who has one. Perfect!