photo dump & random thoughts…

my post have been few and far between over the last few months, but now that the kids are heading back to school and my LAST semester at ASU is almost underway i feel the urge to chat it up.

The more on my plate the easier I seem to function.

I haven’t been taking as many pictures  lately… and that  bums me out. i love taking pictures but recently I hasn’t been able to capture the image as it applies to how I feel. that sounds strange… doesn’t it?

However I have taken a few…

IMG_4858fort building is in full swing here and i love love love that it’s August and we spend the greater part of our day outside.  We are out side folks there is just no way around it. Our  itty yard is becoming  an extension of our home with every piece of furniture we  add it feels like the living room out there and who doesn’t like to chill out in the living room?

the character…

IMG_4914the dark night / sheriff for breakfast

IMG_4852striped sock super hero for lunch

IMG_4933relaxing sheriff by 3


today he was Indiana Jones.


i love him

Some of you may already seen some of these on fb the other day but they are so beautiful I thought I’d share them again…

I am still floored that we live here, that everything is working out so well, that our kids will grown up next to the ocean.  I just can not find the words to describe how fulfilling it feels to be here.


La Jolla


the bear doesn’t really love getting in… understandably… IT’S HUGE


picnic… seriously they have no idea how awesome it is they live here. part of me really loves  that and the other part of me is like

“you better recognize!”

IMG_5037paining the stool…again

IMG_5043story time provided by the monk… small (short) moments like this make me more proud then any of my own achievements ever could.

IMG_5227Popsicle break

IMG_5220this one is growing older by the minute …

 and oh yea I got older too… just a little.

the finally to my birthday was this picture…


I have to say my 20’s have been pretty eventful…

one year left hmmmm….. what to do what to do?