Day Trip Camano State Park, Wa.

The park situation up here is nothing short of spectacular.

We have found that on our way to one park we end up driving by at least 2 or 3 others that look amazing and full of adventure. Sunday was mom’d day so the choice and by choice I mean how far we drove to get to where I wanted to go was mine. The dad and I have a knack for wanting to go at least 2 hours from home in any given direction, the opportunity to take a new road to get there is well… the cherry.

It’s an easy formula to find a great place to spend the day up here. Pick a direction, pick a distance, and there or rather HERE, you will find a state park. True story no exaggeration.

Camano State park is on the southern tip of Camano Island, which is not a true island, but close. Just North Of Whidby Island.

20160508_123345That right there is Whidby…Not so much sun but beautiful views, I should have taken a picture the other direction so you could see the dense forest…oh wait I think I did… well nope but I did get one outside the visitor center.

20160508_114012Cute kiddo..

Oh side note but totally cool all the same, the visitor center is packed with taxidermy (am I saying that right?) birds, a bear cub the size of the Fred and the skeleton or skellikin, as the bear would tell you, of a sea lion hanging from the ceiling. If you go stop in and check it out it was cool. Apparently a local taxidermist famous for his birds left a warehouse full of the his hard work to the park to take and display for the public.

A short hike from the woods to the shore, over the drift wood barrier and on to the pizza doe size stones we found a wealth of sea life. The girls and the dad found sea anemones


the boys… are natural clammers! They made a small tide pool and watched for squirts, after about 45 minutes they had a pile of at least a dozen. Unfortunately the signs said clamming season was over… but now we know where to go.


Boo found a crab too! But he’s more of a snail fellow… then a huge crab guy.

His bro brought it over for him

20160508_123048So serious isn’t he?

it’s not everyday you’re asked to pick up a dead crab.  As you can probably guess we were all Jones’n for some sea food to cap our day. but like the dad pointed out we had three kids barefoot an one with out bottoms ( note the skirt just laying a top the water above…) So there was that.

Just  minor heart break as we passed sea food shack, after cafe, after small town eatery… that’s alright though I got a mom’s day photo with my favorite people and a new memory to add to the bank…Perfection!



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