Paw Size Chocolate Chip Cookies


If you are anything like me and you click to get a killer chocolate chip cookie recipe you just what the recipe not the story…So I’ll get right to it



2 1/4 c. AP flour

2 tsp. cornstarch (really! I didn’t think so either…do it trust me)

1 tsp. baking soda

1/2 tsp salt (this amount is really up to you… eye ball it)

3/4 c. softened unsalted butter

1/4 c. packed brown sugar

4 tsp. or there about of molasses

1 c. sugar

1 egg room temp.

1 tsp. vanilla extract ( I love when it says “high quality” because really the person looking up killer cookie recipes isn’t the type to have the crap vanilla on hand…c’mon)

1 1/2 c. chocolate chips (or more)


place a fine sifter over a big old mixing bowl and pour the first 4 ingredients in.  The sifter will help mix everything up and keep it light a fluffy (just like me after a dozen cookies) Set the bowl aside. In your kitchen aid mixing bowl dump your sugars & molasses, mix on low. Once combined add the butter. Keep the mixer a going. In a separate small bowl add your egg and vanilla whisk together. Add that to the mixer with the sugars and butter. Then start spooning in your dry ingredients until combined. Roll the chocolate chips in the bowl that held the dry ingredients so they can get a bit of flour on them before dumping them in the mixing bowl.

Scoop out 1/2 c.( WHAT?!!! seriously do it you’re upping your cookie game here folks… it’s a treat not a tease) of dough on a cookie sheet with parchment paper. 3 cookies fit on a sheet. Bake in a pre-heated 350 degree oven for about 17 minutes. Give them a few minutes to cool on the sheet then move them over to a cooling rack.

Eat up!!!

river and the cookie

If you know me even just as an acquaintance you probably  know that I LOVE Chocolate chip cookies… and if you didn’t now you do, so feel free to send me some when ever you whip up a batch (Wink* Wink*) But seriously I would eat cookies over any other dessert, except for maybe my sister creme brulee, because that SH*T is otta this world.

So what I typically do is find a recipe then change it based on a few basic principles

#1 always use more chocolate chips

#2 vanilla is meant to be poured based on smell never measured

#3 be ready to substitute because with out fail I will not have at least one of the ingredients on hand

This last one is almost funny… almost. Because I like to think I bake fairly often, often enough to have the right stuff in stock.  But… rarely is that the case. and it’s not like I’m “sharing” the kitchen and don’t know when I run out or need to get more sugar. That would be awesome though, to someday open the fridge or pantry and be surprised.


So these don’t take very long and they are killer delicious! The girls couldn’t finish there’s apparently they were “too big”  ha meanest mom ever makes cookies too big to eat!

hazel & the cookie

The only thing better would have been a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top… Yum!


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