Day trip: Whidbey Island, Wa.

Baseball is officially over… Saturday ended with a rainy double header. And Sunday started with a sunny all be it chilly (I’m still wearing wool socks and it’s June… JUNE!) ferry ride across the Possession Sound to Whidbey Island.

20160612_103324This ride across the water is only about 15 minutes and we were the last car on… impeccable timing. I wish there was a hidden camera for when the teller said lane 5. Yeaaaaa we’re gonna just gonna go head and get on the boat… and skip lane 5. This was after she acted as if we were idiots for not following up with the kids ages when she asked if we had passengers ridding with us. it was an odd exchange…

Anyway… I had looked up some things to do over on the island  here

Oh and I’m glad I did! We went to the Meerkerk Garden and it was super cool. Not to mention there was itty bitty baby birds of some sort waddling across the road. Baby birds!!!! SO CUTE!!!

This place was so cool trees and plants and flowers from all over the world. With a view of the water. It had multiple very easy walking trails weaving through gardens of lush rain forests, ponds, and giant leafed plants.


 Seriously who would look at the entrance and be like “nah I’ll pass” it just beckons you to come on in and take a stroll.

20160612_112955 20160612_115508Boys… these leaves were big enough to be umbrellas !


20160612_115313We practically had the place to our selves, we only saw a handful of other people. One one was kind enough to  take a family photo for us…

but it didn’t turn out so good so moving on…


and the view…

20160612_113845 Absolutely beautiful and well worth the stop.

Then we headed through the island and made our next stop at Penn Cove Park. Just a random right turn the dad took landed us on this beautiful beach littered with drift wood. I’m a huge fan of drift wood, it’s beautifully worn by the sea, what’s not to love? I wanted to take in all home… but that would have been crazy…right? I’m still debating my decision.

The perfect place to find the most perfect wand…

20160612_125700    Finish it up with some local fish and chips and you have yourself a perfect Sunday.



Wrapp’n up the school year

We are in our final week of school here at the Clarke casa…* sigh of relief*


Last year’s school end brought a big move, big changes, lots of emotions for the Monk who was leaving her friends. Lots of anticipation and anxiety for the dad and I who where following our instincts and moving forward. Concern for our kiddos we were about to up root again, excitement for what lay ahead. Stress planing and carrying out the move. That feeling of sheer terror agreeing to a house sight unseen. I think my twitched for 2 weeks straight.

But this year we are wrapping up the school year with ease. Everyone is in a good place. And I get all my monkey’s home with me for a little while.

Just writing that made me laugh… or more accurately… scoff.

 These 4 mini humans make me absolutely nutty, especially when we’ve been hanging out for 24 hours a day. day after day, after mother loving day all summer long.

But in the beginning it’s nice so we’ll just focus on that for now.

*SO I’ve been working on this short post for the better part of an hour and keep getting side tracked… and that is why I took that 2 year hiatus… good golly… FUC-US! (yes that’s spelled incorrectly on purpose)

So yes where was I school is almost out for the bigs… the wee bear graduated pre-K last week. which was bitter sweet for the mom. We’ve had “mom Wednesday’s since she started. The one day a week we shared  just the two of us while the big 3 where in class. Usually we didn’t do anything special, but some times we had brunch or lunch. It became special because it was our time. Something that I knew after seeing 3 other’s off to kindergarten in a flurry was going to be gone in a blink of an eye. And now that our last “mom Wednesday” has passed that time is gone in a blink.


The day all four of our kids would be in school all day together seemed soooo far away. I can’t even tell you how many times the dad and I would talk about how great that day would be. And as excited and happy as I am truly… it means another chapter we are closing and another about to begin . Change and growth both so bitter sweet…

Day Trip Mt. Rainier National Park

Can I just start by saying how fortunate I feel that the words “day trip” can proceed Mt. Rainier! This blows my mind!!!

(short aside to anyone reading this debating any possible life changing decisions… GO FOR IT!)

That said…

Sunday funday, get me outta the house day.

These extra hours of sunlight are like Mother Nature  handing me an invitation to come over for a picnic. And where better to have a Sunday picnic then the majestic brae of Mt. Rainier? It really is as pretty as the pictures. Only 2 hours through some beautiful scenery


and you’ll find yourself  meandering  through the Grove of the Patriarchs.


I have a strong affection for giant trees, I’m sure I’ve said that before… probably when I was writing from the Redwoods.The history these giants have astounds me, to think of all they have been privy too… WOW! I can only compare the feeling to standing before the ocean being reminded I am but a grain of sand among the universe. Insignificant, beautiful, and part of something grand.


The kids were on the look out for water moving slow enough to dip their toes and once they got the green light shirts and shoes were off and they were immersed in the grandeur of the park.


The dad and I were taken by the park’s right from the start.  Maybe it was because it was our honey moon… but I associate National parks with Love. Love and a desire to make a great future. Must be a subliminal emotion…hmmm… I like that.


So skipping stones and taking in some vit D. Discussing how amazing it would be to hike the Wonderland trail with the kids someday maybe 10 years down the road. That should give the dad and I enough time to prepare for the 92 miles hike around the hill. * or give the kids time to gain the strength to drag us behind them! *


It is a beautiful park… busy as a mo foe at the summit and visitor’s centers, but there are many… many…many sights to see. Maybe just forego the t-shirt and patch if you go in the summer months.

Almost summer

I woke up thinking… wow I need to catch up!

We are wrapping up out last few weeks of school at Case de Clarke, and things are pretty busy. It feels as though May and June, June especially are filled to the brim. It’s good though. This busy hectic pace we are running at is really making me look forward to summer.

Like really, really, looking forward to summer.

Honestly speaking I have not looked forward to summer in a long time. As a dessert dweller the summer was unbearably HOT and cut into my outside time. One could say I was a grouchy summer person. SoCal was a very nice place to spend the summer, except it meant sharing the beach with a mother ton of folks from everywhere but California. and living in a very small space with a very small yard with a not so small family.

But this summer…..! This summer the kiddos are older which brings loads of new opportunity and less restrictions. I’m stoked! seriously stoked! The sun shines here late into the night allowing for days to go on and on until we all basically drop. We have visitors coming, birthdays, camping  trips, a reading challenge, Molly Moo’s ice cream came to town. Oh my goodness and did I mention the dad has great summer hours! My head is spinning with excitement.

Summer is meant to be enjoyed sun kissed, dirty, and laughing. Almost time to  kick back and enjoy;  life,  good company,  and new adventures.

Raise that coffee glass high… Cheers to slow moving days ahead!