Almost summer

I woke up thinking… wow I need to catch up!

We are wrapping up out last few weeks of school at Case de Clarke, and things are pretty busy. It feels as though May and June, June especially are filled to the brim. It’s good though. This busy hectic pace we are running at is really making me look forward to summer.

Like really, really, looking forward to summer.

Honestly speaking I have not looked forward to summer in a long time. As a dessert dweller the summer was unbearably HOT and cut into my outside time. One could say I was a grouchy summer person. SoCal was a very nice place to spend the summer, except it meant sharing the beach with a mother ton of folks from everywhere but California. and living in a very small space with a very small yard with a not so small family.

But this summer…..! This summer the kiddos are older which brings loads of new opportunity and less restrictions. I’m stoked! seriously stoked! The sun shines here late into the night allowing for days to go on and on until we all basically drop. We have visitors coming, birthdays, camping  trips, a reading challenge, Molly Moo’s ice cream came to town. Oh my goodness and did I mention the dad has great summer hours! My head is spinning with excitement.

Summer is meant to be enjoyed sun kissed, dirty, and laughing. Almost time to  kick back and enjoy;  life,  good company,  and new adventures.

Raise that coffee glass high… Cheers to slow moving days ahead!


One thought on “Almost summer

  1. I love reading your blog and seeing pictures of your kiddos. We are going to enjoy our first summer in Florida and while it can get muggy, we would take it over snow any day 🙂

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