Day Trip Mt. Rainier National Park

Can I just start by saying how fortunate I feel that the words “day trip” can proceed Mt. Rainier! This blows my mind!!!

(short aside to anyone reading this debating any possible life changing decisions… GO FOR IT!)

That said…

Sunday funday, get me outta the house day.

These extra hours of sunlight are like Mother Nature  handing me an invitation to come over for a picnic. And where better to have a Sunday picnic then the majestic brae of Mt. Rainier? It really is as pretty as the pictures. Only 2 hours through some beautiful scenery


and you’ll find yourself  meandering  through the Grove of the Patriarchs.


I have a strong affection for giant trees, I’m sure I’ve said that before… probably when I was writing from the Redwoods.The history these giants have astounds me, to think of all they have been privy too… WOW! I can only compare the feeling to standing before the ocean being reminded I am but a grain of sand among the universe. Insignificant, beautiful, and part of something grand.


The kids were on the look out for water moving slow enough to dip their toes and once they got the green light shirts and shoes were off and they were immersed in the grandeur of the park.


The dad and I were taken by the park’s right from the start.  Maybe it was because it was our honey moon… but I associate National parks with Love. Love and a desire to make a great future. Must be a subliminal emotion…hmmm… I like that.


So skipping stones and taking in some vit D. Discussing how amazing it would be to hike the Wonderland trail with the kids someday maybe 10 years down the road. That should give the dad and I enough time to prepare for the 92 miles hike around the hill. * or give the kids time to gain the strength to drag us behind them! *


It is a beautiful park… busy as a mo foe at the summit and visitor’s centers, but there are many… many…many sights to see. Maybe just forego the t-shirt and patch if you go in the summer months.


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