Wrapp’n up the school year

We are in our final week of school here at the Clarke casa…* sigh of relief*


Last year’s school end brought a big move, big changes, lots of emotions for the Monk who was leaving her friends. Lots of anticipation and anxiety for the dad and I who where following our instincts and moving forward. Concern for our kiddos we were about to up root again, excitement for what lay ahead. Stress planing and carrying out the move. That feeling of sheer terror agreeing to a house sight unseen. I think my twitched for 2 weeks straight.

But this year we are wrapping up the school year with ease. Everyone is in a good place. And I get all my monkey’s home with me for a little while.

Just writing that made me laugh… or more accurately… scoff.

 These 4 mini humans make me absolutely nutty, especially when we’ve been hanging out for 24 hours a day. day after day, after mother loving day all summer long.

But in the beginning it’s nice so we’ll just focus on that for now.

*SO I’ve been working on this short post for the better part of an hour and keep getting side tracked… and that is why I took that 2 year hiatus… good golly… FUC-US! (yes that’s spelled incorrectly on purpose)

So yes where was I school is almost out for the bigs… the wee bear graduated pre-K last week. which was bitter sweet for the mom. We’ve had “mom Wednesday’s since she started. The one day a week we shared  just the two of us while the big 3 where in class. Usually we didn’t do anything special, but some times we had brunch or lunch. It became special because it was our time. Something that I knew after seeing 3 other’s off to kindergarten in a flurry was going to be gone in a blink of an eye. And now that our last “mom Wednesday” has passed that time is gone in a blink.


The day all four of our kids would be in school all day together seemed soooo far away. I can’t even tell you how many times the dad and I would talk about how great that day would be. And as excited and happy as I am truly… it means another chapter we are closing and another about to begin . Change and growth both so bitter sweet…


One thought on “Wrapp’n up the school year

  1. I completely understand! While most moms could not wait to get their kids in school, I kind of dreaded it. I liked having my kidlets home. I love summer because at least one kidlet is home. When the next school comes around I will celebrate by going out to breakfast! And then I will anxiously await the school bus!

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