Day trip: Whidbey Island, Wa.

Baseball is officially over… Saturday ended with a rainy double header. And Sunday started with a sunny all be it chilly (I’m still wearing wool socks and it’s June… JUNE!) ferry ride across the Possession Sound to Whidbey Island.

20160612_103324This ride across the water is only about 15 minutes and we were the last car on… impeccable timing. I wish there was a hidden camera for when the teller said lane 5. Yeaaaaa we’re gonna just gonna go head and get on the boat… and skip lane 5. This was after she acted as if we were idiots for not following up with the kids ages when she asked if we had passengers ridding with us. it was an odd exchange…

Anyway… I had looked up some things to do over on the island  here

Oh and I’m glad I did! We went to the Meerkerk Garden and it was super cool. Not to mention there was itty bitty baby birds of some sort waddling across the road. Baby birds!!!! SO CUTE!!!

This place was so cool trees and plants and flowers from all over the world. With a view of the water. It had multiple very easy walking trails weaving through gardens of lush rain forests, ponds, and giant leafed plants.


 Seriously who would look at the entrance and be like “nah I’ll pass” it just beckons you to come on in and take a stroll.

20160612_112955 20160612_115508Boys… these leaves were big enough to be umbrellas !


20160612_115313We practically had the place to our selves, we only saw a handful of other people. One one was kind enough to  take a family photo for us…

but it didn’t turn out so good so moving on…


and the view…

20160612_113845 Absolutely beautiful and well worth the stop.

Then we headed through the island and made our next stop at Penn Cove Park. Just a random right turn the dad took landed us on this beautiful beach littered with drift wood. I’m a huge fan of drift wood, it’s beautifully worn by the sea, what’s not to love? I wanted to take in all home… but that would have been crazy…right? I’m still debating my decision.

The perfect place to find the most perfect wand…

20160612_125700    Finish it up with some local fish and chips and you have yourself a perfect Sunday.



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