A little about myself…


My name is Autumn, I am the mother of four beautiful crazy little ones ( that are growing bigger and smarter by the minute), the wife of my best friend aka D-Love, and a spirited soul that is going to explode from the everyday life of being a stay at home mom that works full-time.  My hands are full and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

D-love and I met when we were teenagers fell in love right off the bat, got married and started our family.  I often get asked “did you ever imagine having four kids?! and so close together?” Well yea I did. I always wanted a full house, full of people, laughter, and all out craziness.  So I guess it is fair to say I’m living my dream…..

It does get pretty loud and crazy around the casa, most days we just step over the mess and try to roll with it. So far so good. Parenting is a world I could not have imagined though. good Lord the amount of question a child can ask in one day! I think since I became a mama 6 years ago I have felt the need to call my mom everyday to either apologize or thank her.

So now that I haven’t said a thing about myself in my about me post it’s easy for everyone to tell I ramble…. always with good intentions.

We started in the dessert, moved to the sea then to the forest of the PNW in. I love to laugh, creative, dance, cook, bake, eat great food, and talk, talk, talk!

I love visiting blogs, it reminds me that there are so many people out there that I haven’t even met, yet have so much in common with. Parenting, marriage, life can be so crazy it is nice to know and read that I’m not alone. That other people are dealing with fighting kids and wiping scribbles and snot off their walls too.


I hope you enjoy the blog and feel free to leave notes or comments I want this blog to feel like we are just chill’in together over a hot cup of joe.


2 thoughts on “A little about myself…

  1. I knew you were going to an incredible person from the moment your mom told me she was expecting you! I’ll be a regular reader!

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