almost time to gather round the table

I love Thanksgiving… some little girls imagine an amazing wedding me I always wanted to host Turkey Day

It has been my favorite holiday for years, i love good food and company so really it’s my match made in Heaven!

My family is kind enough to indulge my love and let me host the big day. Since we’ve had a house we have had Thanksgiving.

so as my last batch of apple hand pies are baking I’ll take a minute to recap the day.

the bear helped me make some brownies…

i love how her tongue is sticking out! then because Boo was watching a movie and RT and Monk were at school  she got the spoon. I thought it was her first but watching her work it like a pro i may need to have a talk with grandma

 that’s not the face of an amateur…

the bigs had a family picnic at school…

the Monk’s involved a small performance so I grabbed RT and we watched her do her thing

it was fun she did great. I finally got to meet her BE- FRI’s mom, the girls have been setting up a play date for the past few weeks exchanging a few numbers from their phone numbers. it was a relief for the mini Monk.

my favorite part of the day was this… ten seconds of getting to tell the monk how proud I am of her… then she ran off to join the brothers and friends

Happy almost thanksgiving everyone… see you Friday